Tapas Menu


Asian Tapas

Pecking Duck Pancakes - Sticky Pork Belly Skewers - Japanese Sushi Omakase Platter

Western Tapas

Beef Tartare - Pork Sliders - Chicken Tacos

Vegetarian Tapas

Pumpkin Bao Mushroom Risotto Balls Vegetable Tacos Pumpkin Soup Japanese Sushi Omakase Platter


$ 14 each

($ 20 with 2 cocktails - Happy Hour only)

Private Dinner Floating Honeymoon Dining Offers Kep

Beach BBQ

MENU 1: $ 30 PER PERSON (Minimum 2 person)

Meats Harissa chicken // Asian marinated pork tenderloin


Spiced squid // sweet chilli shrimp


Grilled pumpkin, spinach & feta salad // Potato Salad // Garden Salad


South African grilled bread with garlic butter


Fruit salad with ice cream


MENU 2: $ 45 PER PERSON (Minimum 4 person)

Including 1 soft drink


Chimichurri beef skewers // Harissa & coriander chicken // Asian marinated pork tenderloin // Sausage with Kampot Pepper


Garlic butter crab // Spiced squid // sweet chili prawns


Grilled pumpkin, feta, spinach and cauliflower salad // Potato Salad

Garden Salad // Couscous with roasted vegetables


Garlic and rosemary focaccia


Fruit salad with ice cream // Whipped vanilla Cheesecake // Panna Cotta


MENU 3: BY KILOGRAM (Minimum 2 person)

Item / Price

Crab: $30/Kg - Prawn: $30/Kg - Squid: $25/Kg - Spong Fish: $25/Kg

Chicken breast: $20/Kg - Whole Chicken: $30/Pcs - Beef Tenderloin: $30/Kg - Pork Fillet: $25/Kg

Steamed rice & sauces included


To ensure best quality all menus must be ordered minimum 1 day in advance to avoid disappointment!

asian tapas platter

Private Honeymoon Dinner


Floating / Rooftop / Villa Terrace /  Garden / Beach

Experience extraordinary dining with our special candlelight setup at the spot of your choice.


Bottle of champagne

Four-course menu

Bottle of wine

Bottle of water

Tea or coffee


$ 152.50 for 2 Persons

Beach BBQ Kep Seafood Crab Dining Offers

Afternoon Tea


4 Pastries

2 Sandwiches

Juice or Water

Tea or Coffee or Smoothie

Ice Cream


$ 18 per Person

Cooking Class Kep Learn cook Dining Offers Kep

Cooking Class


You will leave in the early morning in a tuk tuk with the chef to discover the crab market and make purchases of the ingredients for the cooking course. Return to the hotel and start the cooking class where you will discover all the flavors of Khmer spices. At the end of the cooking class you will taste the dishes you cooked with the chef.


$ 41 per Person

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